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Election Reform

Since the 2004 election, I've been active with, advocating for restoration of democracy in the U.S. through the phase-out of touchscreen voting and other unverifiable voting technologies and practices.

In May 2006, I wrote an paper outlining what I consider to be the Ideal Balloting Plan entitled "A Practical Election System with Integrity" (MS Word, PDF). One thing that's been missing in the Election Reform movement is a clear statement of what kind of voting system we'd like to see used instead of touchscreen voting and other problematic systems. I think this paper can fill that void very nicely.

I presented the paper in September 2006 at the "We Count 2006" conference in Cleveland Ohio. At the conference, I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing from many of the top leaders in the Election Reform movement including Bev Harris, Mark Crispin Miller, Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman to name just a few. The conference was both inspiring and humbling. I'm grateful to the members of who not only endorsed the plan early on, but also raised funding for some of my travel expenses.

So far, the paper has been well received by a number of reviewers and I'm looking for help disseminating the paper and building support for implementing election systems like the one described therein. Thank you for your interest and for anything you're able to do to help make this vision a reality.

In an ideal world, the election system I've described would be funded by investors, developed commercially, and sold as a turn-key solution to elections officials world-wide. My perennial optimism has thus led me to create a space to hold and attract that potential at Fidelity Elections, Inc.


What People are Saying:

"Are you aware of Marc Baber's election proposal?  In my opinion, he has thought more deeply and originally about this than anyone I've encountered.  His ideas are simpler and more elegant than OVC, providing an even greater level of transparency and verifiability.  At the same time, his system is efficient and uses technology appropriately.  I wonder what you think, and I wonder ultimately if his is a proposal that our community can get behind."

-- Dr. Josh Mitteldorf 11/20/2006

"The Baber plan is a tour de force! "

-- Dr. Alan Brau 6/19/2007
Member of
Coalition for Voting Integrity

"I think it's good... maybe the best practical plan possible... If there's anything I could do to help it become reality, though, let me know. I'll do it."

-- Dr. Steven Freeman 6/22/2007
Author of "Was the 2004
Presidential Election Stolen?"

"Marc's proposal is remarkably clear and reasonable. Quite an accomplishment .... Marc's proposal is, to borrow and re-purpose a phrase, fair and balanced.
I support it wholeheartedly. "

-- Dr. Paul Velleman 12/2/2006

"Marc, your Democracy Survival Kit is like a breath of fresh air!  Keep it simple, but not stupid.  I am particularly pleased that you included provisions to enable people with disabilities in our efforts to engage fully in our democracy--namely, to mark and verify our paper ballots privately and independently."

-- Suzanne Erb 12/2/2006, Chair
Philadelphia Mayor's Commission
on People with Disabilities




June 1, 2006: group endorses the "Baber Plan" at bi-weekly meeting in Eugene.
Sept 20, 2006: "Baber Plan" paper excepted for presentation at "We Count 2006" conference Sept 29-30 in Cleveland Ohio (see
Sept 22. 2006: Marc on Amy Pincus Merwin's "Inform Radio" show on KWVA (88.1 FM Eugene) with Jonathan Simon, Bob Fitrakis, Vicki Lovegren, and Jerry Adams.
Sept 26, 2006: Added a PowerPoint presentation: PowerPoint slides
Sept 30, 2006: Marc presents at We Count 2006 (video coming soon).
Nov. 2, 2006: According to Fox News, there is a six to eight percent (6% to 8%) average nationwide Republican bias in official counting versus exit polls (though they report it as a 6% to 8% Democrat bias in the exit polls).



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