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COF Bookmarks from Ira 4/4/2002

Let's see if we can use the internet to help keep track of each other and share news, pictures and whatever.

Some of us have e-mail addresses:

Annual Silver Creek Falls Gathering

Since 1994, we've had an annual summer gathering at Silver Creek Falls park for about four days usually.

The gathering has been known as "Baberfolk" and "The 100 Aker Woods Group", but by whatever the name the summer camp involves fabulous breakfasts, evening singing, swimming, flying toys of all kinds, s'mores, kids of all ages, bicycles, and just being an intentional community for a few days.

Here's a magic e-mail list of all the e-mail addresses we know for regular attendees:


Babers Tour the Southwest

Ingrid, our boys and I took a vacation to the Southwest in June ('97). Here's our itinerary and some notes:

6/16/97-- We flew from Portland OR to Albuquerque NM and spent the night at the home John and Ellen Hewes (John is cousin to my mother Jan and nephew to my grandmother Mary Hewes Zimmerman). We had a barbeque and breakfast together, with the Harriets (both senior (John's mom) and junior (John's sister)). Unfortunately, we didn't see much of their children-- Hillary was travelling and David was working late. We do enjoy seeing Hillary now and then as she is attending college at the U of O in Eugene.

6/17/97-- We drove a rented car up to Santa Fe and walked around downtown. Then we drove on to Taos and checked into the Nautilus House at the Greater World Earthship community ( The Nautilus house was built out of used tires, pop cans, cement, straw bales, aspen logs for roof beams, stripped aspen saplings for ceiling and roof support, tiles, lots of glass and lots of adobe. The house is off the grid. Its roof catches rainfall and stores it for the water supply. Photovoltaic solar panels and a wind mill supply the electricity. The refrigerator and stove run on propane. The water is solar-heated. Water is used twice-- once for drinking and washing and once for flushing before it drains through the (septic?) system and waters the flower and herb beds from underground. Between the two uses the water filters through an indoor greenhouse area wher a banana tree and many flowers grow. Brown and green glass bottles form parts of the walls and create a stained-glass window effect in the sunlight.

While the house is built from a fair amount of trash, you wouldn't know it to look at it. The smooth adobe walls are sparsely decorated. I have never seen a house that combined function and art so well.

6/18/97-- We visited the Taos Pueblo, which is said to be the oldest continuously inhabited community in North America. The people of the Taos Pueblo have a history that goes back to the time of the Anasazi. Most people are fascinated by the spectacle of the architecture of the adobe villages just north and south of the river and the uniqueness of the people who live there. I was struck by the culture of tourists-- the retired mobile home dwellers, KOA nomads and other gringos. Do those of us in the so-called mainstream ever stop to consider how unique (even strange) our culture is? I think it's largely invisible to us because it's so pervasive. We are the tribe who fly in airplanes, ride in cars, and shop in supermarkets. We are the tribe who segregate their children in schools, young people in colleges, adults in various employment compounds and retirees in retirement homes or communities. We are the tribe who cannot name their generations back an eon. Our tribe spoils our homelands and then moves on, looking for greener pastures until there are no more green pastures. We are tribe that knows much about everything save ourselves.

We stayed another night in the Nautilus house.

6/19/97-- Driving west and a little north we picnicked near a river and reached Cortez in the afternoon. Beautiful mountain meadows and aspen along the way. I read "Mossflower" by Brian Jacques to the boys as we drive along. A Burger King along the way had a small museum display about the Navajo signal corps of WWII. We swam at the and slept at the Anasazi Inn.

6/20/97-- Mesa Verde, Cliff Palace. Emmett got to be the tourguide's junior park ranger/assistant. What made the Anasazi culture collapse? Why did they leave? Where did they go? What about us? How long do we have?